About Us

We first began our journey in 1981 which was created by Reza Mehrabi who had several years of experience and qualifications from Germany and Iran at the Henkel Company. We began producing Tan chemical products using Tan Chemical oils until up to 1989 which expanded our business and built the factory in Abhar State that later expanded into selling more products in Iran by the brand name Charmineh Mehrab who then formally established the chemical industry of our products by Charmineh Mehrab which included the industrial detergent, textiles auxiliaries and oil tanning.

We strive with our new demands on our market that’s upgraded our size of the factory to the capacity of 4000 square meters in Abbas Abad industrial zone of the capital city of Tehran, Iran as a result Tehran has served towards gaining a much stronger response of our customers and we have been able to increase the variety of our products by serving the needs to our customers though providing industrial cleaning chemical products and supports the oil within the tannin and textile.

By 1994, we changed our company name to Mehrabi Exir and our factory has added onto having a new production line in supporting our products with the use of paint being formed into a resin, homo-polymer and co-polymer that has led to transmutation of making us to invest into the R & D through Nanotechnology that later shifted into our factory again by expanding it into 6000 square meters by 2011.

Lastly after our third year of efforts we moved into management and staffing by working more in the field of Nanotechnology which we have proudly added into our production line list of products that become more popular and has a long standing in making us to evolve towards our successes of being in corporation with slogan that’s “The Secret of Success is in Quality”.

Members of the board

Chairman of the board: Gholam Reza Mehrabi

Vice Chairman of the Board: Farnoush Mehrabi

Managing director: Farshad Mehrabi

Commercial director: Sayed Mojtaba Alizadeh

Sale manager: AmirHossein Chitsaz