“Mehrab Exir Chemical Industries” is one of the most famous companies in chemicals producing.

This company with the support of its management and capable personnel to improve quality of its products and access to other markets with no needs to imports of raw materials, has established its position in the domestic markets and with products in tanning, Textiles, painting, resins, industrial cleaners, nanomaterials and with motto “The Secret of Success is in Quality” hoping to bring a new design to these important industries.




NANO Department

Mehrab Exir departement of Nanotechnology consist of professionals and experts in this field with the aim of company more activities in the field of new technologies and satisfaction of your loved ones was launched.


Getting certified

After months of research and experiments carried out by specialists in  Mehrab exir chemical industries, in October 2016 the company succeeded in obtaining certificates of Iran nano initiative council, the only authority competent in the field of nanotechnology in the country for the “Nanocolloidal silver for the production of anti-bacterial fabric “.